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People are searching every day for solutions to problems or challenges they face.  As your partner, I provide a safe, judgment-free place to work through those challenges to find the results you are after.  I love the process of meeting people where they are and helping them to take on their challenges.

I partner with executives and leaders on improving their leadership skills and executive presence and with individuals who need to find solutions to current challenges.   I use a 5-step process with clients to provide executive and management coaching on leadership and management practices.  This 5-step model is used to help clients reach their desired future.


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I was able to work with Dexter to work through some difficult challenges in my career.  He helped me look at things from a different point of view.  He was helpful in guiding me toward recognizing my own strengths.  He challenged me in a non-confrontational way to broaden my perspective and look at my opportunities differently.  In addition, Dexter skillfully assisted me in finding my path as a leader during a time when I desired to take on a more senior position.  


Barbara Griffith

CEO of Woman's Hospital

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